Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name

Author: Vendela Vida

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: $29.95, HC


While going through her father’s things after his funeral, Clarissa finds her birth certificate — which she had never seen before — and discovers a different man is listed as her father. This revelation causes Clarissa to travel to Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle, to find the man she believes to be her biological father. This book was one of the most captivating stories I’ve read in the past year.



Author: Patrick Somerville

Publisher: Vintage

Price: $16.95, TP

Somerville’s first book of fiction, Trouble, is a collection of 10 short stories about what it takes to be a man. In Puberty, the first story in the book, young Brandon has to deal with the changes that come with growing older. In English Cousin, Terry has to play tour guide for his cousin Bill when he comes to America. This is a highly entertaining, smart debut that will have both sexes laughing.

Breaking The Good Mom Myth

Author: Alyson Schafer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd.

Price: $17.99, TP

Schafer, a psychotherapist and parenting expert, names the most common myths mothers believe to be true which include Self-Care Is Selfish and My Marriage Can Wait (to name a few), and tries to dispel these myths in this easy-to-read, fun book. Breaking the Good Mom Myth is a great guide for any mother who needs a boost of confidence.

House Of Hilton

Author: Jerry Oppenheimer

Publisher: Crown

Price: $32.95, HC

Before socialite sisters Paris and Nicky were even born, their last name was already synonymous with wealth, power and scandal, thanks to the three previous generations of Hiltons. In this tell-all biography, Oppenheimer chronicles the rise of this famous family and delves into the secret lives of Conrad Hilton, Paris’ great-grandfather, and his offspring. House Of Hilton is an interesting, well-researched book that is the perfect read for fans of celebrity gossip.