Wild Mary: A Life Of Mary Wesley

Author: Patrick Marnham

Publisher: Random House

Price: $34.95, HC

Mary Wesley published her first novel when she was 70, and went on to write nine bestsellers before her death in 2002. She allowed biographer Patrick Marnham full access to her friends and her life, making this book a fascinating read about a woman who was larger than life. Wesley’s adventures, including working for the MI5 cracking codes during World War II, combine to make an intimate portrait.

Espresso Tales

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Publisher: Vintage Canada

Price: $21, TP

In this latest novel from the 44 Scotland Street series, McCall Smith revisits all of his beloved characters — Bertie, the gifted six-year-old, Bruce, the surveyor, and Domenica, the advice-dispensing neighbour — in this novel. Using his city of residence as the backdrop, McCall Smith has created a portrait of Edinburgh, Scotland that will transport the reader.

Maybe A Miracle

Author: Brian Strause

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Price: $16.95, TP

On the night of his senior prom, Monroe Anderson finds his sister, Annika, floating in his backyard pool. Although he saves her from drowning, Annika slips into a coma, and the following few days are filled with mysterious occurrences. Monroe embarks on a true journey of self-discovery, coming across as a refreshingly well-drawn character in this richly layered novel.

An Audience Of Chairs

Author: Joan Clark

Publisher: Vintage Canada

Price: $21, TP

Thirty years earlier, Moranna MacKenzie’s two daughters were taken away from her because of her mental illness. Moranna, living alone in a Cape Breton farmhouse, still grieves for the children she lost. So when she hears of her daughter’s upcoming wedding in Halifax, she knows she has to attend. Clark has created an eccentric, yet lovable protagonist in this engaging read.