The Cribs

Album: Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever Label Warner

Released: July 17

**** (out of 5)


As the title suggests, the new release from the brothers Jarman is requisite for men and women alike. The Cribs pump out a solid set of rawly communicative tracks on Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever where strong, booming vocals neighbour sharp but polished instrumentation. The sincere, catchy nature of the songs screams of the production value added by Franz Ferdinand front man Alex Kapranos, who helps this third offering exceed expectations established by 2005’s The New Fellas.


Gogol Bordello

Album: Super Taranta!

Label: Side One Dummy

Released: July 10

*** 1/2

Lovable scoundrel Eugene Hutz and his merry gang of rogues return for a fourth album fusing traditional gypsy music with punk and cabaret. This time, the lyrical focus is less political and more philosophical. The gypsies also experiment with more dub influences. Fans can rest easy, however, as songs such as Wonderlust King are as fantastically decadent as any previous Bordello favourite.

Brothers Of A Feather

Album: Live At The Roxy

Label: Eagle Rock/EMI

Released: July 17

*** 1/2

Chris and Rich Robinson reunite on this three-night stand at The Roxy in L.A. to continue what has become a series of live albums featuring Black Crowes favourites and rarities — this time in an all-acoustic format. What ensues is a very raw, intimate performance. The brothers are at their best, and prove again why the Crowes were one of the best rock bands of the ’90s. Highlights include Horsehead and Jealous Again.


Album: Twilight Of The Innocents

Label: Infectious Records

Released: July 17

** 1/2

Ash’s final full-length album, Twilight Of The Innocents, has the touchstones of a pop-punk band swelling into maturity. The core sound is still based on rawk-ish riffs and pogo-dancing beats — but the rolling piano lines, symphonic backdrops and the contemplating of innocence lost subdue the fun a little too often. Anyone looking for Ash to rekindle the boyish charm of debut single Kung Fu should search elsewhere — Jackie Chan has left the building.