The top Republican in the House of Representatives offered a hint of compromise on the divisive issue of taxes yesterday, saying he would support extending tax cuts for the middle class even if cuts for the wealthy are allowed to expire.

Representative John Boehner said that President Barack Obama’s proposal to renew lower tax rates for families making less than $250,000, but let the lower rates for wealthier Americans expire, was “bad policy” — but he will support it if he must.

“If the only option I have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, I’ll vote for it,” Boehner said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” program.


“If the only option I have is to vote for those at 250 and below, of course I’m going to do that,” he said. “But I’m going to do everything I can to fight to make sure that we extend the current tax rates for all Americans.”

Boehner’s comments suggested some room for compromise ahead of a legislative showdown on tax rates that could become a flashpoint in the Nov. 2 congressional elections, in which Republicans are seeking to wrest control from Obama’s Democrats.

Republicans want to extend all of the cuts passed under former President George W. Bush, which expire at the end of the year. They say raising taxes on the rich would hurt a flagging economy. reuters

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