Pickering Don’t ask Neil Croswell to saw your wife in half.

He’s working on it, but he’s not there yet.

To be accurate, the 19-year-old magician is working on skewering people with spikes through a box as part of the “big show” he’s putting together for the next chapter in his professional life.

And don’t think he won’t pull it off. The Pickering resident recently became the youngest person to win first place in the stage competition at the Canadian Association of Magicians’ annual convention in Kitchener. Considered to be Canada’s “championships of magic,” the competition was judged by 200 peers from around the world.

“If you can fool other magicians, you know it will be good in the real world,” Croswell says. His winning act was a seven-minute series of stunts in which 11 doves, some shot out of spray-paint cans, appeared and disappeared.

“A lot of bird acts are old school, with classical music and the magician in a tux,” says Croswell. “Mine is very modern. I have a street theme, with hip-hop music and a garbage can covered in graffiti.”

No birds are harmed in the act. “It’s all safe stuff. I love animals,” says Croswell, whose pets include a cockatoo — but no rabbit.

Stunts for the big illusion show he’s developing in the style of David Copperfield and Criss Angel may include balancing someone on a microphone stand and bringing spray-painted pictures of people to life. “They’re all possible,” says Croswell, who wants to take the show on the road or get a gig on a cruise ship.