Toronto desperately needs a mayor and councillors with a clear long-term vision for the city — and to date, that’s missing from the campaign, says the city’s top sports executive.

“I want a true leader, not a manager. Managers manage what has already been created,” Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment CEO Richard Peddie told a Canadian Club luncheon yesterday.

“Leaders create something new.”

MLSE owns several sports franchises including the Maple Leafs, the Raptors and the Toronto FC.

While Peddie remains undecided about who he will cast a ballot for on Oct. 25, he calls it a crucial election that will shape the direction of the city.

Although he does not name any of the candidates by name, he points out that much attention has been focused on short-term tactics like “cut cost” or “freeze taxes,” but such messages aren’t compelling,” Peddie says.

“Those don’t get me inspired and pumped about Toronto’s future,” said Peddie who has lived in the city for nearly 40 years.