House Of Meetings

Author: Martin Amis

Publisher: Knopf Canada

Price: $29.95, HC


In the years following WWII, women would make dangerous journeys to slave labour camps above the Arctic Circle for conjugal visits with their lovers in what was called a “House of Meetings.” This emotionally charged novel tells the story of two imprisoned brothers in love with the same girl and the unexpected course their lives take over the next decade. House of Meetings is historical fiction at its best.


The Little Book of Plagiarism

Author: Richard A. Posner

Publisher: Pantheon Books

Price: $13.95, HC

As Judge Richard Posner, who is also a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, points out in his newest book; it isn’t just students who get caught borrowing other people’s work. Posner breaks down different forms of plagiarism and uses examples from the literary world, politics and Hollywood to explore the legal ramifications of this issue.

Look at My Striped Shirt!

Author: The Phat Phree

Publisher: Broadway Books

Price: $16.95, TP

You only have to read the titles of the short essays in this collection of “Confessions of the People You Love to Hate,” to know how hilarious and irreverent this book is — “Nice to Meet You, Lying Whore,” “I Am the Karaoke Master!” and “Damn, My Pencil-Thin Beard is Perfect!” Written by a large group of extremely witty and observant people, this book is a laugh out loud read.