The New and Improved Vivien Leigh Reid

Author: Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideou

Publisher: H.B. Fenn and Company Ltd

Price: $11.95,TP


In the latest instalment of the teen series, Leigh Reid travels back to L.A. to help her mother plan her wedding to Jake Cohen, a Hollywood producer. She also lands a role on the hot TV show Freak Force. But having to deal with her soon-to-be stepsister Sasha, may be more than she can handle. This is a fun read for women of all ages!



Happy Cruelty Day

Author: Bob Powers

Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books

Price: $19.95, TP

Everyone has a friend who has no filter and will cross every line. Happy Cruelty Day! is the literary equivalent of that friend. Described as “Daily Celebrations Of Quiet Desperation,” this book lists 365 special days to make your year memorable. Oct. 21 is Stop His Lotto Playing, He’ll Leave You Behind Day! Two words — unbelievably hilarious.

Him Her Him Again The End Of Him

Author: Patricia Marx

Publisher: Scribner

Price: $29.99, HC

Patricia Marx has written one of the most intelligent and funny books I have read in the past year. The unnamed narrator is working on her non-existent thesis at Cambridge when she meets Eugene Obello, a brilliant but pretentious teaching fellow in philosophy. The narrator’s quest to figure out “what to do with her life,” is reminiscent of a modern-day Sylvia Plath story.