Then We Came To The End

Author Joshua Ferris

Publisher Little, Brown and Company

Price $32.99, HC


This book is definitely one of the best I’ve read in the past year. Set in a Chicago advertising agency where tension is at an all-time high because of weekly lay-offs, this book is filled with the archetypes of any office — Marcia, with the ’80s hairstyle; Tom, who everyone fears will snap one day; Benny, whose office is the gathering place for gossiping; and Ferris’ observations are so pitch-perfect I was literally laughing out loud.


The Bird Is A Raven

Author Benjamin Lebert

Publisher Vintage International

Price $15, TP

Written by a 24-year-old German man, The Bird Is A Raven tells the story of two young men, Paul and Henry who meet on an overnight train from Munich to Berlin where they are sharing a compartment. They share their philosophies on girls, love and life and Henry tells his story of a ruined friendship. It isn’t until they pull into the station that Paul reveals the real reason he is returning to Berlin in this short, yet engaging, book.

Knitting With Balls: A Hands-on Guide To Knitting For The Modern Man

Author Michael del Vecchio

Publisher DK Publishing

Price $25, TP

This book has more than a great title — it has 22 original patterns for everything from a cellphone cover, laptop case, vests, sweaters, socks, scarves and mittens for men. Author Michael del Vecchio is co-founder of, the website for men who knit or want to learn, and this book is the perfect resource for both men and women. Although del Vecchio does include tips on reading yarn labels, tools needed and the basics of knitting, this book may be more valuable to someone who already has some knitting experience.