The Prisoner Of Guantanamo

Author: Dan Fesperman

Publisher: Vintage Paperbacks

Price: $17.95, TP


Revere Falk, a former FBI agent, is taken away from his job interrogating an accused al-Qaeda operative to investigate the mysterious death of a soldier who was found in the waters outside of the U.S. detention centre at Guantanamo Bay. Working against political coverups and dealing with a secret from his own past, Falk works to uncover the truth in this compelling crime thriller.


Author: Betool Khedairi

Publisher: Random House

Price: $17.95, TP

Dalal, orphaned when she was four months old, has been raised by her childless aunt and uncle in a small Baghdad apartment. Now a young woman, Dalal helps her uncle with his beekeeping. The honey they sell creates badly needed income in their home. Amidst the chaos of the Iraqi streets, Dalal falls in love. This beautifully written story perfectly captures the heightened emotions felt during international sanctions and daily bombings.


Author: Elin Hilderbrand

Publisher: H.B. Fenn and Company

Price: $31.99, HC

Josh Flynn isn’t looking forward to returning home to Nantucket for the summer. The single 22-year-old spends his days working with his father at the airport and it’s there he meets three older women from New York. Brenda has lost her job, her sister Vicki has cancer and Melanie has learned her husband has had an affair. Josh seems to be just what these women need, and he in turn discovers what he has been missing. Readers will be hooked to the last page.