The Raw Shark Texts

Author: Steven Hall

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: $34.95, HC


English writer Steven Hall has created a suspenseful new tale of a man, Eric Sanderson, who realizes one morning when he awakes that he does not remember who he is or where he is. He has received a series of packages that he has been instructed not to open with a letter signed by Eric Sanderson, the first. Not knowing what memories are real and which are figments of his imagination, the protagonist takes a journey that threatens to destroy both Eric Sandersons.


The Last Novel

Author: David Markson

Publisher: Publishers Group Canada

Price: $18.95, TP

In this very different novel, an aging writer, known only as “the novelist,” decides that since he is writing his final book he can write about whatever he chooses. Using free-flowing thoughts about artists, writers, actors, political and religious leaders, he documents their triumphs and failures. At the same time, the novelist inadvertently reveals brief snippets of information about his own life. This very clever book will have people Googling a wide variety of names.

Fabulous Friendship Festival

Author: Sark

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Price: $22, TP

This new book teaches readers how to be a better friend, while also celebrating the already established friendships in their lives.

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is an artist, author and public speaker who promotes empowered living.

Sharing stories from her own experiences, SARK also draws on the lessons other women have learned in this colourful book filled with diagrams.

Although the text is completely handwritten (and illegible at times), this is a book that will encourage women to value the people in their lives.