Author: John Updike

Publisher: Random House

Price: $19.95, TP


Legendary author John Updike’s newest novel is a timely and socially relevant story about an alienated teenager growing up in New Jersey. Ahmad Ashmawy, disgusted by the consumer driven lives his fellow classmates are leading, turns to his Islamic faith, spending more and more time at his local mosque. But as Ahmad’s religious fervor increases the people around him cannot stop him from becoming part of a larger plot that will drastically alter the course of his life.

The Bright Side Of Disaster

Author: Katherine Center

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Price: $29.95, HC

Jenny Harris is days away from delivering her first baby when her fiancé Dean takes off in the middle of the night, leaving Jenny with only a note and swollen ankles. Suddenly, Jenny is sprung into single parenthood, but she’s too busy learning to breastfeed to dwell on her relationship status. She joins a mommy group, befriends a handsome neighbour and tries to get as much sleep as possible — but when Dean reappears on her doorstop Jenny has to decide if she can forgive and forget. This is a compulsively great read with a truly likable leading lady.

The Archivist’s Story

Author: Travis Holland

Publisher: Random House

Price: $29.95, HC

In this fascinating new novel, author Travis Holland weaves fiction with history to tell the story of Issac Babel, a great writer imprisoned in a Moscow prison in 1939. When a young archivist, Pavel Dubrov, is sent to the prison to confiscate and destroy an unsigned manuscript, he is overwhelmed to discover Babel is the author of the work. Knowing the danger of disobeying orders, Dubrov sets out to save the manuscript despite the consequences.

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