Generation: Shuffling Toward The Future

Author: Jason Logan

Publisher: Viking Canada

Price: $21, HC


Toronto author Jason Logan has created a collection of hilarious and insightful observations from the technological age. Cartoons, diagrams and charts fill each page with such topics as "What the hell am I supposed to do while my music is downloading?" and "What your icons are really saying." This clever book is the perfect gift for fans of Douglas Coupland’s novels Microserfs and J-Pod.

The Diary Of An Honest Mum

Author: Jools Oliver

Publisher: Hyperion

Price: $31.95, HC

Jools Oliver, wife of chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver, always knew she wanted to be a mother, but it wasn’t going to be as easy as she had planned. Oliver shares her problems conceiving and her eventual joy at being a mom to daughters Poppy and Daisy. Apart from the overuse of exclamation points, Oliver has written an entertaining and honest account of an overwhelmed new mother.

To Catch A Husband

Author: Lindsay Graves

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Price: $18.95, TP

The hot gossip flying around the exclusive southern community of Colina Linda is the divorce of billionaire David Clemente, a man who quickly becomes the area’s hottest bachelor. The competition for David is on for four of the town’s most eligible ex-wives — all determined to become the new Mrs. Clemente. Hilarity ensues when the competition reaches unbelievable heights.

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