Take A Nap! Change Your Life

Author: Sara C. Mednick, Ph.D. with Mark Ehrman

Publisher: Thomas Allen & Son Ltd.

Price: $16.95, TP


This book shares a secret university students and toddlers have known for years — napping will make you more productive, smarter and healthier. It is not a waste of time. Research scientist Sara Mednick explains that napping is actually in our DNA. We are biologically programmed to nap, but most of us ignore the urge. With the help of a “nap wheel” the authors help readers understand the best type of nap for them.


Wash The Blood Clean From My Hand

Author: Fred Vargas

Publisher: Knopf Canada

Price: $29.95, HC

In this newest addition to the Commissaire Adamsberg series, Adamsberg is sent to Quebec for a training mission, where he is accused of murdering his young lover. But Adamsberg knows who the real killer is, and he must go on the run from the RCMP to find him. Translated from French, this suspenseful tale will keep readers enthralled until the very last page.

The Song Of Kahunsha

Author: Anosh Irani

Publisher: Anchor Canada

Price: $19.95, TP

Ten-year-old Chamdi is thrust into the chaotic streets of Bombay when he runs away from his orphanage to find his long-lost father. Set in 1993, during a peak of racial violence, The Song of Kahunsha is the haunting story of a young boy fighting to survive in a world where he has no one. Just as the Kite Runner successfully captured the essence of Afghanistan, this novel does the same for India.