Fly Me to the Moon

Author Alyson Noel

Publisher St. Martin’s Griffin

Price $15.95, TP


Flight attendant Hailey Lane is convinced her boyfriend is about to propose, but when she comes home early from a flight she catches Michael in a very compromising position. Hoping to forget him, she embarks on an around the world journey where she meets some very interesting bachelors in some very exotic locales. Fans of Chick-lit will love traveling along with Hailey in this cute novel.

The Mel Gibson Guide to The Good Life

Author Andrew Morton

Publisher Pocket Books

Price $12.99, HC

The subtitle of this unauthorized parody, Passionate Living for the Brave at Heart, is an indication of the overall theme of this hilarious book. Written from the perspective of Mel Gibson (with a foreword by Jesus Christ), the Lethal Weapon actor shares tips on how to pick the perfect mullet hairstyle, how to keep romance alive and how to make the ultimate cocktail.

Finding Oprah’s Roots: Finding Your Own

Author Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Publisher Crown Publishers

Price $24.95, HC

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. contacted Oprah and asked if he could, with the help of historians and geneticists, trace her family roots and discover the stories of her ancestors. Oprah agreed and even provided personal photographs and anecdotes from her family. This story is a fascinating look at how old-fashioned detective work and modern day science can reveal obscure facts from the past.