Right Before Your Eyes

Author: Ellen Shanman

Publisher: Delta Fiction

Price: $15, TP


Liza Weiler thought her life was about to begin immediately after she left Yale, but nearly a decade later, she still hasn’t found the success she desires in the New York theatre community. But when Liza twists her ankle exiting a nightclub she falls into the arms of two seemingly perfect men — a Wall Street executive and an ER doctor. Not only is Liza’s love life taking off, but soon a hip director discovers the play she has written. This fast, fun read proves the ride to the top is always a little bumpy.


Train Man

Author: Hitori Nakano

Publisher: Del Rey

Price: $17.95, TP

Train Man became an instant bestseller when it was first published in Japan and has inspired a hit TV series and multiple manga series. Train Man, written as a series of Internet chatroom threads, tells the story of a geeky boy who helped defend a beautiful girl on a train. He has no idea how to proceed in this relationship so he turns to the online community to help him. This is definitely a new type of novel geared toward the millennium generation.

The Ultimate Guys’ Q&A

Author: Ian Coutts

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Canada

Price: $19.99, HC

In this funny new guide, author Ian Coutts provides the answers to questions guys have been thinking for years, but haven’t been able to ask. Some examples are “What is it about Catholic Girls?” “Can Army Ants Consume a Man?” and “In a Fight Between Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, Who Would Win?” Readers will learn lots of interesting things like how to give yourself a jailhouse tattoo and whether or not you can get high from Coke and Aspirin.