Love Is A Mix Tape

Author: Rob Sheffield

Publisher: Crown Publishing

Price: $29.95, HC


This book is a must-have for any hard-core music fan — someone who agrees with the author when he says the way to show people you love them is to make them a mix tape. Rob Sheffield, a writer for Rolling Stone, tells the story of his memorable relationship with a punk-rock girl named Renée, through 15 tapes of mixed songs. Love Is A Mix Tape is reminiscent of Nick Hornby’s novel High Fidelity, though this book is packed with even more song references.


About Alice

Author: Calvin Trillin

Publisher: Random House

Price: $19.95, HC

Calvin Trillin, a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1963, has written countless stories about his beloved wife Alice throughout the years. Now, five years after her death, Trillin pays the greatest tribute to Alice in this touching recollection of their life together. The headline of her obituary described her as “Educator, Author and Muse,” — and she certainly did inspire much of Trillin’s work. Lovingly written, this story truly captures Alice’s infectious spirit.

A Perfect Mess

Author: Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman

Publisher: Little, Brown

Price: $32.99, HC

The authors of this clever new book want to ease the guilt of people who cringe when they open their disorganized, cluttered closets. A Perfect Mess reveals the hidden benefits of disorder — whether it be in society on a large scale or in your garage on a much smaller scale. Using real-life examples and the sociological implications of being too neat, A Perfect Mess is the perfect read for anyone dealing with a little clutter in their lives.