Abide With Me

Author: Elizabeth Strout

Publisher: Random House

Price: $17.95, TP


Tyler Caskey, a reverend in a small New England town, struggles to raise his five-year-old daughter Katherine after the death of his wife a year earlier. Members of his congregation all have opinions as to what to do about Katherine who has stopped speaking and is having trouble at school. Strout has proven herself once again as a truly gifted storyteller through this highly moving story about a family and community learning to heal.

Sister Mine

Author: Tawni O’Dell

Publisher: Shaye Areheart Books

Price: $30, HC

Shae-Lynn Penrose drives a cab in a small coal-mining town in Pennsylvania where she lives with her son. When her younger sister (who had been presumed dead) shows up at her door, she is followed by a gangster, a lawyer and a housewife. Shae-Lynn realizes her sister, Shannon, hasn’t been entirely truthful about why she suddenly reappeared after so many years in this engaging story.

You Don’t Love Me Yet

Author: Jonathan Lethem

Publisher: Doubleday,

Price: $30, HC

Lucinda works at a complaint line, started by her friend Falmouth as part of an art experiment, where she listens to anything from the mundane to the absurd. One day, though, a man captures her attention with his thought-provoking complaints. Lucinda, the bassist in a band that has never performed publicly, passes the complainer’s comments on to her band member to use as new lyrics. But when the band gets its big break, the complainer wants more than royalties.

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