Damsel Under Stress


Author: Shanna Swendson


Publisher: Ballantine Books

Price: $16, TP

Readers who enjoyed Enchanted, Inc. and Once Upon Stilettos will enjoy finding out what happened to Katie Chandler after her co-worker Owen Palmer finally kissed her. Well, Owen and Katie, who both work at Magic, Spells and Illusions, Inc. haven’t much time to enjoy their newfound happiness.

Ex-employee Idris has big plans that threaten the company and the existence of magic itself. This is Chick Lit meets Harry Potter and I recommend all three titles in this series.

Still At the Cottage

Author: Charles Gordon

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

Price: $24.99, TP

Charles Gordon has updated his book At the Cottage, written in 1989, to create Still At The Cottage, the perfect present for house guests to give to their hosts this summer.

Gordon includes new rules for cottage guests and hosts and stories entitled The Nap: Recognition Long Overdue, and Who Wants To Go To Town? Nobody? (just to name a few). This hilarious book will have cottagers

nodding their heads in agreement whether they read it on a rainy day indoors or sitting on a pier enjoying the sun.


Author: Maria Beaumont

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Price: $24.95, TP

Fran Clarke, a stay-at-home English mum, spends her days running household errands and organizing the lives of her husband and her two kids Molly and Thomas.

Though she was once a successful voiceover artist, Fran hasn’t worked in years and is in an inescapable rut.

It is her two best friends who are there to make her laugh and unconsciously help her avoid hitting rock bottom.

Written with very dry British humour, Motherland is an ideal read for any suburban mother.