The Ten Minute Activist

Author: The Mission Collective

Publisher: Nation Books

Price: $18.50, TP


The Mission Collective, a group of five writers and activists who live in the United States, have come together to reveal more than 100 easy ways to take back our planet. This book is not just about ways to help the environment — though they do mention planting a garden and carpooling, along with many other helpful tips. What they also do is reveal truths about banks, oil companies, multinational organizations, slave labour and power generating companies and what we can do to fight back.


Change the World For Ten Bucks

Author: We Are What We Do Ltd.

Publisher: New Society Publishers

Price: $10, TP

We Are What We Do is a new movement that, in this visually appealing new book, is “trying to show that a simple shift in attitudes and day-to-day behaviour has the power to change the world.” There are 50 suggested actions to change the world and make you feel better, including registering as an organ donor, recycling your eyeglasses and mobile phones, and learning to be friendly in another language. This book is the perfect present for all ages and would be a valuable resource for every classroom.

Green This! Volume 1: Greening Your Cleaning

Author: Deirdre Imus

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Price: $19.99, TP

In this helpful household guide, Deirdre Imus shares tips on how to make your cleaning environmentally friendly. Broken into chapters on different rooms of the house, (kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, living room), Imus reveals effective ways to clean without using the toxic chemicals people should be avoiding. There is also a glossary of chemicals and general terms used in the book and a list of retailers and websites that sell green products.