Queen Bee Moms And Kingpin Dads

Author: Rosalind Wiseman

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Price: $19.95, TP


Wiseman, the author of Queen Bees And Wannabees, has returned with a book that helps parents learn how to deal with difficult adults in their child’s life. In this age of violent hockey dads and parents who either don’t care or can’t accept their children are bullies, this guide is a must-have for any parent. Using real-life situations Wiseman tells how to confront coaches, teachers and other parents without creating more problems for your child.

The Goldfish Went On Vacation

Author: Patty Dann

Publisher: Trumpeter Books

Price: $23, HC

In this memoir, Patty Dann tells the story of how she dealt with her husband’s diagnosis and year-long battle with brain cancer and the effects it had on her three-year-old son Jake. Patty decided to take her son to a therapist whose specialty is helping children understand loss and grieving. Throughout the story, therapist Sallie Sanborn provides Patty with indispensable information that will help any parent in the same situation.

Miss Potter: The Novel

Author: Richard Maltby Jr.

Publisher: F. Warne & Co.

Price: $9.99, TP

Even though the movie Miss Potter, about Peter Rabbit creator Beatrix Potter, received mediocre reviews,

I enjoyed reading the novelization of the screenplay. Potter, unmarried at the age of 36, was encouraged by a family friend to submit her sketches and stories about animals to a publisher. When she met with Norman Warne, she was surprised to find a man who not only believed in her work, but also loved her unconditionally.

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