Beastie Boys

Album: The Mix-Up

Label: Capitol Records

Released: June 26

**** (out of five)


Sans the nasal shouts typical of the Beastie Boys, Mike D, MCA and Adrock return with a blitz of instrumental beats on The Mix-Up. The 12 tracks on the Boys’ first vocal-less album flow seamlessly from one to another, ushering a host of melodies from the simply laid Electric Worm to the more scathingly weighty The Cousin Of Death.


Pleasantly predictable, The Mix-Up varies vibes but maintains a welcome toe-tapping, shoulder-shaking mood throughout.

Ryan Adams

Album: Easy Tiger

Label: Lost Highway

Released: June 26

*** 1/2 (out of five)

With Easy Tiger, Ryan Adams delivers a mature sampling of his roots-rock wares. From the country-waltz of Tears Of Gold, through the mountain-pickin’ folk of Pearls On A String, to the bar-closin’ shuffle of Goodnight Rose, variety is the true spice of this album.

While some might prefer a little more whisky in these kinda songs, Easy Tiger could be a great soundtrack for watching the sun set on some lonesome night.

Pride Tiger

Album: The Lucky Ones

Label: EMI Canada

Released: June 19

*** (out of five)

It’s hard to tell if Pride Tiger’s emulation of Thin Lizzy, Foghat and other masters of knucklehead rock is done with tongue in check or not.

Of course, by the time the cowbell and guitar licks kick in it really doesn’t matter any more.

The band is clearly aiming for fun over smarts and it’s a formula that should appeal to just about anyone with the right number of beers in them.