Emily Haines


Album: What Is Free to a Good Home?

Label: Last Gang Released July 24

***1/2 (of of five)

This EP from Metric front woman Emily Haines is beautifully performed and has some wonderfully written songs. The problem is some seem like an extension of Haines’ more developed and critical acclaimed 2006 solo CD Knives Don't Have Your Back. There is also a sense here that you are listening to songs that didn’t make the cut on the upcoming Metric album.


Album: Young Modern

Label: Warner Released July 24

***1/2 (of of five)

Australia’s top ex-grungers reassert their distinct artsy style but in a widely consumable format on Young Modern. From the whimsically dissonant If You Keep Losing Sleep to the not-too-poppy anthem Young Modern Station, the trio's fifth release rings of the band's fifteen years of experience combined with danceable contemporary levity. The album's evolutive quality is welcome and worthy.

Dan Mangan

Album: Postcards And Daydreaming

Label: File Under: Music

Released: July 17

*** (of of five)

Dan Mangan has got the grizzled weather-beaten voice down pat — an impressive achievement from a guy who’s only 24 years old. Postcards And Daydreaming is Mangan’s first full-length album, and here he successfully creates a hazy hung-over atmosphere you can feel on every song. It’s an impressive effort from a Canadian performer who has a knack for the kind of sad songs that could potentially drive you to drink.

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