Velvet Revolver


Album: Libertad

Label: RCA

Release date: July 3

** (out of five)

The Velvet Revolver retirement facility for geriatric rockers is home to aging ex-members of Guns N’ Roses and Stone Temple Pilots. With such a an illustrious roll call of rock’s once semi-relevant, it is only mildly surprising that Revolver’s second album is for the most part, uninteresting. With the exception of a few songs that barely reach the criteria for a single, Revolver sounds unintentionally like hackneyed retro camp, ripe for the casino circuit.

Carolyn Mark

Album: Nothing Is Free

Label: Mint Records

Release date: July 3

*** (out of five)

Mark’s national treasure status as this country’s sassiest folk troubadour was built on a cheeky style and her fun-lovin’, cross-Canada hootenannies. This new CD strikes a less broad tone then some previous efforts, but her ability to pen witty ditty that wallops unsuspecting saloon patrons in their gut is no less evident. It’s a bittersweet album that ends with some Portishead-esque experimentation that, oddly, manages to work.

Kelly Rowland

Album: Ms. Kelly

Label: Columbia

Release date: July 3

*1/2 (out of five)

Destiny’s forgotten child pumps out a tiresome sophomore release with Ms. Kelly. The synth-infused beats on such similar themed tracks as Love, Still In Love With My Ex and This Is Love are undistinguishable from most other R&B radio spins. While appearances by the likes of Eve and Snoop Dog at least up street cred, the album’s lack of any real point promises it a forthcoming discount bin crevasse.