The Brunettes


Album: Structure & Cosmetics

Label: Sub Pop

Released: Aug 7

**** (out of five)

The third release from the quirky indie pop team of Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield takes cutesy pop to adorable new heights.

It’s hard not to be overwhelmed with the urge to hug the stuffing out of these two while listing to such darling ditties as Her Hairagami Set and If You Were Alien. However, The Brunettes are more than dreamy goodness. Sharp, witty songwriting and sweet harmonies raise this album to gosh darn swell levels.

Flight Of The

Album: Distant Future

Label: Sub Pop

Released: Aug 14

**** (out of five)

New Zealand’s singing comedy duo Flight Of The Conchords may be one of the best exports from that country since Peter Jackson.

This EP offers a small sample of the some songs from the pair’s hilarious HBO show — as well as some live tracks.

Highlights include Business Time, a brilliant take on what passes for sexual spontaneity among couples who have been married too long, and a song about robots celebrating the purge of all human life.


Album: Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book

Label: Ninja Tune

Released: Aug. 14

***1/2 (out of five)

The hues of a rainbow have nothing on Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book, an album strewn with many enticing colours from hip hop and electronic beats to alt-rock guitar riffs and haunting voice-overs.

This newest offering by New York DJ Blockhead is inviting in its trance-like and comic qualities, clear on tracks The Strain and Do The Tron.

Each song brings something slightly different but intriguing, making the entirety a far stronger parts-album than a successful sum.