Author Mark McNay

Publisher Bond Street Books

Price $29.95, HC


Sean O’Grady, a hard-working husband and father, spends his nights working overtime in the Fresh section of a chicken factory, alongside his Uncle Albert who raised him. While on the line, Sean learns his older brother Archie has been released from prison early and he knows Archie will come looking for the money he asked Sean to hold for him. The problem is, Sean has spent most of the $1,000 and has no idea how to earn that much money by the end of the day.


American Youth

Author Phil LaMarche

Publisher Alfred A. Knopf Canada

Price $29.95, HC

The summer before Teddy enters high school a tragic incident occurs at his home involving a neighbourhood set of brothers and a gun. Weeks later, Teddy unintentionally catches the attention of American Youth, a group of high school boys admired for their anti-drug, anti-sex stances that also targets people who “do not belong.” When Teddy is faced with a moral decision, his allegiance with the group is frayed and he must face the consequences.