Not On Love Alone


Author: Jessie Carry Saunders


Publisher: Marlowe & Company

Price: $23.50, TP

Not On Love Alone is a new cookbook written specifically for newlyweds who have returned from their honeymoons and have no idea what to do with their new kitchen appliances. Starting in January, Saunders provides two different menus per month, and a bonus one for the couple’s one-year anniversary. With a must-have list of kitchen utensils and tips on hosting dinner parties, this book is the perfect gift for newlyweds who enjoy cooking and sharing meals together.

Daddy Needs A Drink

Author: Robert Wilder

Publisher: Delta

Price: $15, TP

Wilder, father to two children — daughter Poppy and toddler son London — truly loves his children, but he is able to admit they drive him crazy from time to time. In this hilarious new memoir, Wilder, a high school teacher in Santa Fe, N.M., shares his trials and triumphs in fatherhood.

After so many memoirs/humour books written about parenthood from the female perspective, it was a refreshing change to laugh at the observations and antics of a father.