Out of Character

Author: Vanessa Craft

Publisher: Key Porter Books

Price: $22.95, TP


Emma Gordon, a quiet bookworm who spends her free time imagining the lives of people she sees on the tube, works at Oxygen magazine. When one of her co-workers suggests they do a piece on upscale gentlemen’s clubs, Emma surprises everyone by volunteering to work undercover as a dancer at Platinum, the hottest club in London. Soon, she is deeply entangled in the club politics and her secret is discovered by the last person she wanted to find out — her father. This book gives insight to a world many people never experience.



Author: Christopher Buckley

Publisher: Twelve

Price: $31.99, HC

Cass Devine works as a strategist — a.k.a. spin doctor — for one of Washington’s biggest PR firms where she handles the cases of “toxic waste dumpers, dolphin netters and unzipped politicians” among others. She also runs a website to bring attention to the crisis that will occur when the Baby Boomer generation retires. Her solution to the problem is having the government provide incentives to Boomers to kill themselves once they reach 70. Buckley, author of Thank You For Smoking, has written another clever political satire.