The Book Of Lists

Album: The Book Of Lists

Label: Scratch Records

Release date: April 10

***1/2 (out of five)


They must be smoking some OK granola in Vancouver these days, because the West Coast is producing some good vibrations. The solid debut from these new wave/psych-rockers, produced by Colin Stewart and Josh Well from Black Mountain, opts less for danceable pop and more for the crescendoing wall of guitar noise. This, combined with the angst of Chris Frey’s wailing art-punk vocals, is a formula that produces more hits then misses.


Joel Plaskett Emergency

Album: Ashtray Rock

Label: Maple Music

Release date: April 24

***(out of five)

Plaskett’s theme album about teenagers in rock bands, getting drunk, and fighting over girls, bleeds nostalgic sentimentally. Surprisingly though, Ashtray Rock tells its story without dipping into cliché too often and has a couple of decent rock tunes. But the gist is clear by the third act, when the strings predictability make their appearance. By then you’ll be a distracted by how palatable the whole affair is. You could even recommend it to your parents.