The miserable weather was a fitting way to draw attention to Canada’s homeless youth, as a rain-soaked crowd gathered in Dundas Square Thursday to launch Raising the Roof’s annual National Toque Campaign.

Some were doubtlessly attracted by the star power of Raising the Roof’s campaign, which included Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson and Glee television star Cory Monteith. Both men stressed the importance of finding a solution to Canada’s homeless youth problem.

“It is just completely and utterly wrong that countries like Britain, America and Canada, that have enormous wealth, can allow tens of thousands of people to live on the streets,” Branson said to the dampened crowd, many of whom were sporting their new toques.

“Unless something really radical is done in government, this problem will exist in 50 years time,” he said, calling on the government to make homelessness illegal and set a 12-month no-homelessness target.