WOODSTOCK, Ont. - The family of Victoria Stafford says they have suspicions about the identity of a woman portrayed in a composite sketch released by police.

Victoria, known as Tori, has been missing since April 8 and was seen on surveillance video with a woman in a white puffy coat.

Police in Woodstock, Ont., released a sketch of the woman late Tuesday, and the family of Tori's father says they have their own beliefs about who it may be.

Tori's aunt, Rebecca Stafford, says the family has some thoughts which they have shared with police but added they weren't prepared to elaborate.

Tori's parents are split up and her mother, Tara McDonald, says she doesn't recognize the woman in the sketch.

Police say a witness provided information to create the sketch of the suspect in the abduction of the girl.

Det.-Insp. William Renton said, however, he could not provide any information about the witness.

McDonald said she has been studying the sketch since Tuesday night, but it does not resemble anyone she or her friends know.

"I've been staring at it all night and I don't have a clue at all," she said outside her home. "I posted it on Facebook and I've asked my friends to use the hair mixer program and add long hair, short hair, coloured hair, change the colours, change the style, just to see if maybe that adds some recognition at all.

"I have no idea who that is."

Tori's uncle, Steve Millen, said Wednesday that they "have suspicions" about the identity of the person portrayed in the sketch.

"We have our own beliefs and we have brought those to the authorities," Rebecca Stafford added. "We've shared those beliefs and they are being investigated."

Renton said he hopes the composite, which shows a woman 19 to 25 years old, 5 foot 1 and about 125 pounds with long black hair worn in a ponytail, will jog a memory with someone in the community.

Police are working long and hard to sift through some 1,200 tips and leads in the case, said Renton, who would not divulge the nature of the tips.

He also refused to comment when asked if members of Tori's family had been ruled out as possible suspects.

Renton said the Woodstock area remains the focus of the investigation but police will follow information "anywhere it takes us."

He also confirmed Wednesday that Tori's case will be featured Saturday night on the "America's Most Wanted" television program. The show has featured Tori on its website for the past several days.

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