A new poll that pegs Tory support on a continued decline across the province is being disputed by the premier’s office.

“These numbers don’t square with what we’re hearing,” said Tom Olsen, an official spokesman for Premier Ed Stelmach.

A new poll from Cameron Strategy found Conservative support has fallen to 32 per cent in August from 54 per cent in January.

Liberal support has remained steady at 16 per cent while the New Democrats have climbed to 11 per cent.

Only 26 per cent of voters believe Stelmach is taking the province in the right direction, down substantially from 54 per cent in January, while 37 per cent of voters remain undecided.

New Democrat Leader Brian Mason said the Tories should be more than a little concerned over their dramatic plunge in the polls. “I think alarmed would be a better term to describe it,” he said.

More than 600 people were contacted for the poll between Aug. 7 and 13, which is considered to be accurate within four percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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