Conservatives take 19 of 23 Calgary ridings

Robin Kuniski/For Metro Calgary


Ed Stelmach gives the thumbs up to Calgary supporters just minutes after polls closed and having a majority declared in his party’s favour.

To chants of "Ed! Ed! Ed!" Alberta’s re-elected premier took the stage among a jubilant crowd at the Calgary Tory headquarters minutes after a projected landslide win.

Stelmach delivered a speech at the Royal Executive Inn last night to the many supporters on hand, thanking his candidates, volunteers and voters for their hard work and determination.

"In this election Albertans had a real choice and it is Progressive Conservatives. In this election we choose new energy, new ideas and new direction," Stelmach said.

Out of Calgary’s 23 ridings, 19 were Tory blue, while the Liberals held on to four in the city — exchanging Calgary Elbow incumbent Craig Cheffins for Calgary Buffalo newcomer Kent Hehr.

Calgary-Cross incumbent PC Yvonne Fritz, who won her riding handily, was very confident in a Tory win all around.

"I’m just thrilled. It’s a very exciting time. It’s still early and we haven’t won for sure yet, but we’re definitely winning tonight," Fritz said.

First-time candidate Jonathan Denis of Calgary-Egmont took his riding over Liberal incumbent Cathie Williams by about 20 per cent at press time. Controversial independent candidate Craig Chandler was a distant third.

"I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and working up to it. I am absolutely thrilled. I’ve been waiting for so many years," the visibly excited Denis told Metro.

And popular returning MLA Calgary-Lougheed Dave Rodney remained modest despite taking more than 50 per cent of the votes in his riding.

"I am very pleased that Albertans trust our party enough to let us not only get the province out of the deficit and debt but carry Alberta on this second century of unprecedented growth," Rodney beamed.

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