Federal civil servants won’t get to fill out a workplace survey because the Conservative government has axed it.

It appears the next Public Service Employee Survey has wound up in the Treasury Board’s budgetary crosshairs. A Statistics Canada official broke the news to colleagues last month in an email obtained by The Canadian Press.

“I regret to inform you that plans for the 2010 Public Service Employee Survey are cancelled,” Geoff Bowlby, head of the agency’s labour statistics division, wrote June 2.

“We received notice from Treasury Board secretariat yesterday evening that funding for the project was not approved for this year.

“Please cancel any work that you may have already initiated on this project.”

Neither Treasury Board president Stockwell Day nor his department were immediately able to say how much the survey cost.

The government solicits voluntary feedback from its workers every three years to improve programs and services.

The survey gives a snapshot of workers’ demographics, skills, career expectations and concerns.

The union that represents civil servants accused the Tories of turning a deaf ear to the bureaucracy.

“In eliminating this survey, I think government is quite clearly saying to their workforce that they’re not interested,” said Patty Ducharme, executive vice-president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.