The Ontario Liberals are trying to deflect attention from consumer anger over a slew of new taxes by publicly killing the idea of forming a so-called SuperCorp as a solution to their deficit woes, the Opposition charged yesterday.

Taxpayers are “incensed” about the HST and a surprise eco fee that slipped in under the radar July 1 and the government is trying to dodge criticism, said deputy Progressive Conservative leader Christine Elliott.

“Now that they’ve run into a lot of flak with the new eco tax, how surprising they’re trying to change the channel once again with this announcement.”

The SuperCorp scheme — which would have merged Ontario’s massive electricity, gambling and liquor corporations then sold a percentage to private investors — should never have been on the table, she added.

“It’s just a dumb idea to begin with, to bring such disparate elements together and then try to sell them off in a chunk as a SuperCorp,” she said. “It makes absolutely no sense.”

The government is reportedly backing off the SuperCorp idea to reduce the province’s $21.3-billion deficit because it raised a host of accounting issues and major investors failed to warm to it.