TORONTO — Toronto’s city council agreed Friday to pay $834 million to buy a new fleet of 204 streetcars from Bombardier, which will bring jobs to Thunder Bay.

Toronto Mayor David Miller had hoped to get $417 million — about one-third of the cost of the streetcars — out of the federal government but failed, and had to pony up the extra money.

The other third of the funding is being provided by the Ontario government.


“This is an embarrassment to the mayor, it’s an embarrassment for the city. All council is doing is cleaning up the mess,” said city councillor and former transit commissioner Brian Ashton.

But Miller stood unrepentant in the face of criticism, saying he would play his hand the same if he had to do it over.

Bombardier vice-president Mike Hardt said his company is “thrilled” that full funding is now in place for the $1.2 billion contract.