TORONTO - A Toronto city councillor is apologizing for lashing out at a participant in the city's public budget consultations on Monday night.

Coun. Paula Fletcher admits she lost her temper after resident John Smith asked a question about cutting the city's expenses.

Fletcher, the councillor for Toronto-Danforth, was captured on video accusing the man of being sent to the meeting by radio host John Tory - a former mayoral candidate.

Budget chief Shelley Carroll can be seen in the footage urging Fletcher to calm down.

The outburst came in the middle of two long days of public hearings in which 53 individuals and groups - such as unions, arts organizations, lobbyists and seniors' groups - made statements.

In the current proposal on the table, every department has been asked to make cuts in order to balance this year's $9.2 billion operating budget.

“We have some tough decisions to make,” said Coun. Adam Vaughan. “We are going to listen to people and try to make the best decisions possible ...We're prepared to sit down there and take our lumps.”

CUPE Local 70 President Ann Dembinksi spoke at the hearing regarding the possibility that two Toronto ski hills and a public campground could be on chopping block.

The budget committee will take the public input into consideration before presenting the final budget to city council in April.