For Dr. Mike Christian, coming home was the hard part. “There’s always more to do in places like Haiti,” said the Toronto critical care doctor, who worked 18 hours a day for five and a half weeks at a Canadian Forces field hospital. He arrived back in Toronto March 4.

Christian, who has posts with both Mount Sinai Hospital and the Canadian Forces Health Services Group, got the call to go to Haiti Jan. 15 — his first overseas deployment. By the next day, he was at CFB Petawawa helping pack up the 1 Canadian Field Hospital that included surgical suites, X-ray and ultrasound machines, a pharmacy, a laboratory and 150 staff. He was later sent to Leogane, about two hours away from Port-au-Prince.

Many of the patients were forced to seek help for conditions they had before the quake: “These patients had medications, but had lost them when their houses collapsed. There were no pharmacies any more, and where we were in Leogane a number of physicians had died,” he said.

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