With Environment Canada predicting the coldest night in Toronto so far this winter, the city called an extreme weather alert and provided additional support services to help the homeless find shelter from the cold.

“Temperatures are going to plunge fairly rapidly (last) evening for Toronto. We are forecasting a low (last night) dipping down to –14 C,” said Mark Seifert, Environment Canada meteorologist.

Seifert also said strong winds would accompany the cold front, dropping the temperature late overnight and into early today to –25 C with wind chill. On the coldest days so far this winter, the temperature fell to –11.7 C Dec. 17 and 22.

“With wind chill values of –25 you don’t want to have exposed skin for any prolonged periods of time, so cover up and stay indoors if possible,” Seifert said.

He said regions surrounding the GTA should expect slightly colder readings, but temperatures should level off in Toronto this afternoon, Seifert said.

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