TORONTO - Residents are furious and tourists are disgusted as Canada's most populous city enters its second week of strike that has shut down parts of Toronto and left mounds of garbage and piles of waste rotting on the streets.

About 24,000 inside and outside municipal workers walked of the job on June 22, bringing garbage pickup to a halt and closing city-run daycares, parks and recreation programs, swimming pools and ferry service.

Sarah Beals lives across the street from one of the temporary dump sites set up for people to toss their trash.

She says the area, normally a park and playground for neighbourhood children, has left the community upset and worried about health hazards.

Some of the thousands of tourists who flooded the downtown for the annual Pride Parade also wondered about the trash.

Leilania Mroczkowski travelled from New York for the festivities, but was bewildered by the sight of overflowing garbage bins.