It doesn’t look like a makeover of rutted Steeles Avenue will happen before the street once again tops the Canadian Automobile Association’s list of Ontario’s worst roads.

Only two weeks into the CAA’s annual worst-roads poll, Steeles is leading the top 20, a dubious distinction it has earned three times in the past six years.

CAA officials say this is the first time so many Toronto roads have been in the top 20.

A $15 million resurfacing of Steeles is among the projects in line for federal infrastructure funding.

The city wants to spend $9 million on Victoria Park and $1.7 million on Lawrence Avenue. It has already begun addressing the jog on Dufferin Avenue.

Potholes and patches on Steeles have been a longstanding problem because the road divides York Region and Toronto, and the city has balked at repairing a road also heavily travelled by York commuters.

The poll has drawn a higher than normal number of voters this year — about 5,000 people in the first two weeks of a campaign that ends in September, about the same as last year’s total vote.

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