Re: “Tree growth rooted in educated” (Jan. 2 ).

Here is something I would like to see in Toronto: the Treegator. I’ve seen them in New York City and Copperstown, N.Y. It is a simple plastic bag that is placed around the foot of a tree. Water is poured into it and is then slowly released into the roots of the tree.

I suspect it is not yet available in Canada, but will be demonstrated at the Landscape Ontario Congress Jan. 6-8 at the Toronto Congress Centre, according to the Treegator website.

I would like to see them tried out here in a few locations as a demonstration project.

For example: the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts has a grand total of 17 trees planted on its sidewalks and I would like to see them thrive.

One reason Toronto is perceived as a charmless, utilitarian city (or downright ugly) is because of our stark main streets. Street trees can thrive in restricted locations (just go to Paris) with the proper (intensive) care.

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