Get your boots, ice scrapers and snow shovels ready: We are about to commit the journalistic equivalent of poking the weather gods with a fairly sharp stick.

Toronto is a little light on snow this year, especially when you stack it up against some of the monster storms being reported around the world.

“There is certainly snow all about us, but somehow we have missed it,” said David Phillips, senior meteorologist with Environment Canada, describing conditions across southern Ontario and particularly in Toronto. “We are in a snow drought.”

As of yesterday, the University of Toronto weather station had recorded just 4.5 centimetres of snow this winter, 35 centimetres less than what we typically get this time of year. Downtown typically fares far worse than the outskirts of the city, recording up to 15 centimetres more snow than the station at Pearson Airport, said Phillips.

This winter, Pearson has recorded 14.2 centimetres, still well below the 38 expected by this time of year.

The record low belongs to 2006, when only 1.6 centimetres of snow was recorded at Pearson up to the end of December.

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