OTTAWA - The lawyer for a woman who was stripped of her Canadian passport and is marooned in Kenya will be in court Monday seeking immediate government help.

Suaad Mohamud has been unable to return to Canada since mid-May after Kenyan airport officials said her four-year-old passport picture didn't look like her.

Despite having other pieces of Canadian photo ID and offering up her fingerprints, she was then stripped of her passport by Canadian officials and charged with identity fraud in Kenya.

Her lawyer Raoul Boulakia will file notice with Federal Court in Toronto seeking an emergency conference call with an Ottawa judge.

Boulakia says the Somali-born Mohamud has a 12-year-old son, a job, and dozens of friends in Toronto who can vouch for her identity.

He wants to know why the federal government has not said whether Mohamud's fingerprints match those she provided when she was granted Canadian citizenship.

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