Teresa Lawrence, a Toronto woman, has had her health card cancelled several times since October in an apparent case of mistaken identity.

Each time there was a mix-up she was assured the problem had been rectified. When she received an envelope in the mail last Friday, she hoped the foul-up was over.

But it wasn’t. The number on the card was correct, but the name was wrong — ‘Theresa’ with an ‘h’ — the signature wasn’t hers, and the picture was definitely not her.

Lawrence is white with long hair. The woman in the photograph appears to be of Asian descent, with very short hair.

In a statement, ServiceOntario spokesperson Alain Cairns said that while his office can’t discuss specific cases due to privacy concerns, “in this instance a human error has resulted in an inadvertent disclosure of information.”

Lawrence, 45, first realized there was a problem with her card after getting a call from her doctor’s office in October telling her it had been cancelled.

Lawrence said a ServiceOntario representative told there was a mix-up with another woman who had just moved to Ontario.

Lawrence said the representative told her that when the other woman arrived here they issued her Lawrence’s health card number and cancelled Lawrence’s.

The same appears to have happened in reverse at least three times when Lawrence tried to reactivate her own card.