Re:?Dumping on the ‘centre of the universe,’ July 8

I understand comments and editorials are meant to be provocative, but I found the nasty and condescending tone of this piece so offensive I felt compelled to write.

I am disappointed Paul Sullivan feels that, based on his experience, Torontonians consider themselves the Centre of the Known Universe.

I would suggest, however, that people often find the things they look for, and in my experience the “Toronto-itis” to which he refers is a great exaggeration. I believe every Canadian could do a better job of understanding the geography and history of our large and diverse nation. I do not believe Torontonians are any worse or better at this than any other Canadian. Many of us could be faulted for being too narrowly focused on our own immediate environments.

This is not Torontonian arrogance, but simply a statement of fact. I have never found Torontonians to express the malicious disdain for the rest of Canada as it was expressed by Sullivan.

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