PC gov’t would fuel road, rail building at pumps






John Tory wants to pave our streets with nickels — almost three of them at a time.

As he filled a mini-van yesterday with $60 worth of gas at a city fuel station, the leader of the provincial Progressive Conservative party criticized the Liberal government for not spending the 14 cents per litre gas tax on city infrastructure projects for which it is intended.

Increasing gridlock and struggling transit systems in Ottawa have gone ignored by Premier Dalton McGuinty, while a disproportionate amount of public funds go to southern Ontario, Tory charged.

“With every passing day, the people of Ottawa are forced to spend more time sitting in traffic,” he said.

It was the second straight day that the PC leader was in Ottawa, stressing his message that a PC government would better meet the city’s needs than the current Premier, who is from here.

“I see no desire of the party of the Liberal government to develop a transit plan for Ottawa,” said Tory. “They’ve come up with their Move Ontario plan, but it seems in that plan, this part of the province doesn’t even exist.”

platform plan

  • The PC leader’s plan is to dedicate 100 per cent of the gas tax to improving infrastructure in the province, which would equal $1 billion in five years.