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Toshimori Shuzo


Bizen Junmai Ginjo Premium Sake

Who: Toshimori Shuzo

What: Bizen Junmai Ginjo Premium Sake

Where: Akaiwa region, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Why: Forget about the burning, heated, high-alcoholic potion you got with your sushi at your neighbourhood joint. Premium sake are starting to flood the Vancouver market — hop on this tsunami! Junmai Ginjo is a high-quality sake — richer and creamier in the mouth, dry and robust, with a touch of vanilla sweetness and a long, refreshingly spicy finish. Kanpai!

When: Don’t limit yourself to sushi. Try this sake with oysters on the half-shell or poached quail. A great match to our West Coast fusion cuisine. It should be served slightly chilled — not straight out of the fridge, and definitely not heated.

How (much): $16.67 BCLDB for 300 ml

Winespeak of the Week: Junmai is a quality level indicating only rice, water and special sake yeasts are used (no alcohol or flavouring agents added). Ginjo is a distinguished class of premium sake, made from rice kernels that have been polished to 60 per cent of their former size, with longer fermentation time building more complex flavours.


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