How do you know if you're looking at the remains of a vampire? Check the chest cavity for any signs of puncture with an iron rod.

That's how experts in Bulgaria determined that they had stumbled upon the graves of "vampires" — or at least people that villagers thought were vampires, and killed with an iron rod through the heart.

Two skeletons were unearthed by officials with Bulgaria's National Museum of History during an excavation of a monastery in Sozopol. Upon further inspection, examiners found that the causes of death were iron rods stabbed through the heart — the customary way to kill a "vampire" 700 years ago. Sometimes, the heart would be stabbed multiple times in an effort to prevent the dead "vampire" from rising again, according to Sofia News Agency.

It's so hard to kill a pesky vampire for good, isn't it?


It didn't take long for morbidly curious tourists to line up outside the monastery, hoping for a glimpse at the remains. Tourism officials have even had an influx of people inquiring about "vampire vacations," according to CNN.

What ever happened to Caribbean cruises?! What has the "Twilight" series done to us?!

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