Two local Twilight fans have found a way to share their love for the new phenomenon while making a small profit.

Twilight Saga Vancouver Set Tours offers fans the chance to get up close and personal with the sets and if the productions are in town, even catch a glimpse of the actors shooting.

Allie Henze and Amy Burrows came up with the idea after friends and people they met online offered the mega fans money for set tours.

They’ve been doing set tours “for a while” but only launched a website advertising them just over a week ago.

“We haven’t received any response from (the production company) and we don’t want to interfere with anything. If the production company had a problem with it we would definitely stop,” said Henze.

The tours are well over 75 per cent booked for July and August.

“It’s been pretty overwhelming with the email and trying to get through them,” said Henze.

Packages range from $199 to $799. The more expensive are two-day visits to the Tofino set. The tours offer full transportation as well as a money back guarantee if the duo is unable to spot the tourgoers’ favourite Twilight star.

Henze said the pair remain Twilight fans first and entrepreneurs second.

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